China's suggestion using the 6 celebration talks, mind of urgent negotiate using the circumstance "cooling" peninsula

Xinhuanet Beijing on November 28 (xinhua LiZhongFa LiaoLei ZhangYi) confront the progressively tense circumstance while in the Korean peninsula, the chinese language courses federal government Korean peninsula affairs and specific representative wu dawei announced on 28, it recommended that in earlier dec in Beijing in the 6 celebration talks, mind of emergency consultations. 
China's international ministry evening press conference convened, can sustain about 200 grownup men and ladies while in the hall belonging to the international ministry "blue hall was packed, even while in the aisles stood the rushed to chinese language courses and international mass media reporter, waiting to the chinese language courses announced" quite important information ". 16 40 factors made, wu dawei previous to arrived out concerning the platform. 
"For the proper to offer using the circumstance concerning the Korean peninsula, in accordance with some 2005 on September 19 to the six-party talks", the standard assertion with the cautious research, recommended to earlier dec in Beijing in the 6 celebration talks, mind belonging to the emergency talks, the functions worried significant problems trade opinions." Mr Wu said. 
This can be in the king's Korea quickly after fire incident, tensions concerning the Korean peninsula, China in ease tensions, market the dialogue belonging to the most latest developed make contact with with comment. to the Chinese, at current the strategies belonging to the 6 celebration talks another functions haven't comment. 
Analysts think how the newest situation, China concerning the 6 celebration talks, mind of urgent negotiate suggestion "timely", "necessary" and "constructive". 
"In the Korean peninsula conflicts even war unsafe delicate period, the chinese language courses timely strategies urgent negotiate is necessary, also is constructive." Tsinghua college institute of worldwide issues LiuJiangYong with xinhua professor informed reporters. 
North and South Korea peninsula west 23 in sea controversial "northern boundaries" bombardment brought on by South Korea, near to every individual other 4 grownup men and ladies have been killed. In response to the fire incident, South Korea as well as the united states started out on 28 in South Korea while in the western sea (yellow sea) encounter to the 4 times belonging to the joint army exercise. the united states jet carrier George Washington, noted, actual exercise will concentrate on defense belonging to the war as well as the consuming water capacity. 
According to Korea's war games, north Korea "labor the information belonging to the day, to comment concerning the ask Korea splendor quit all army provocative actions, or will to the consequent significant effects should certainly undertake all responsibility. 
Fire quickly after the incident, since the 6 celebration talks presidency, DuoCi China urged the aspects, stay away from the circumstance has deteriorated restraint, work to restart the six-party talks actively create conditions. China's international ministry spokesman has stated 5 times. international minister Yang jiechi met with north Korea's ambassador ChiZaiLong respectively, and with south Korean international minister Venus shine, us secretary of suggest Hillary Clinton, Russia's international minister sergei lavrov and Japanese international minister previous to the reliable sincere phone, concerning the newest company that consist of the trade of views concerning the Korean peninsula. 
Emergency moment, China suggest councilor DaiBingGuo developed a shock quit by to South Korea, 28 and south Korean President lee myung-bak met with, "long time, the peninsula, frankly and in-depth trade of views." the two sides agreed how the newest circumstance while in the peninsula worrying, and appropriate functions should certainly make concerted work to significant dialogue, make contact with to diffuse the situation. 
Wu dawei stated in the press conference, the circumstance concerning the Korean peninsula recently show up a sequence of intricate factors. The worldwide online community especially people to the six-party talks are deeply worried about. The chinese language courses think belonging to the 6 celebration talks, it is very crucial that you trade views, these large issues for keeping peace and stability in northeast Asia, ease peninsula tensions to create credited contributions. 
Wu dawei also stated to restart the six-party talks can be the chinese language courses steady position. The chinese language courses element for this with unremitting efforts. This consultation although don't signify to restart the six-party talks, but we wish it may help to restart the six-party talks create conditions. 
China academy belonging to the united states arms look after and non-proliferation, director belonging to the look at center GuGuoLiang think, the 6 celebration talks to cv dialogue on each of the functions are good, to stay away from the circumstance worse. 
LiuJiangYong says, it recommended how the emergency consultations should certainly be for turmoil control belonging to the qualitative temporary measures, the so-called "preventive diplomacy", by method of the turmoil control to stay away from the circumstance even worse. 
"The functions by method of consultation, the newest emergency arrived out the stress while in the trade of views, stay away from by all functions mistakes resulting in significant consequences." LiuJiangYong said. 

Chinese grownup males and females in evening picking up litter volume of Japan was arrested by credit history crunch

According to November 29, dilemma in the throughout the earth occasions "report" in Chinese, without any authorization, picking up litter have been arrested." Recently, Japan happened many chinese language program for "pick up go" is for "provisions of eco-friendly resource" of garbage, and from the Japanese law enforcement warned even arrested event. 
According in the direction of Japanese "Chinese herald" 28 mentioned this yr October 13, ishikawa prefecture, Japan, law enforcement arrested a JinZeDong deming 38-year-old chinese language program man. Supposedly, the man residing in Osaka prefecture municipal celebration was arrested, past to medal ordinarily generate to ishikawa prefecture, choose up near to the neighborhood of trans go some material products and companies and tiny residence appliance also to other eco-friendly source waste, the resolution marketed to Japan correct after recycling industry. by making use of this sort of operation, this man each and every thirty day period to gain 100000 to 180000 yen ($8200) to 14760 yuan RMB. According in the direction of neighborhood of trans regulations concerning the management in the waste, without any authorization to think about apart spend 4 occasions and may be arrested. The man experienced earlier warned, this time by DuoCi may be considered a neighborhood ordinance was arrested thinking about that issued deming "first". The report also says that thinking about that last yr software regulations issued from the deming persists to be 30 individuals have been warned,. extra than half of them are Chinese. 
According in the direction of throughout the earth occasions "reporter understanding, the Japanese trash from discarded in the direction of recycling consists of a arranged of detailed rules, and increase to law. Japan common loved kinds discarded rubbish have been needed to appear to be in "designated day and designated location", and be discarded by specific rubbish also recycling business assortment and decomposition. In Japan, there is some in the more mature residence appliance "to" choose up the Chinese, huge majority is starting to Japan students. the majority of them didn't know "Japan garbage can't literally choose up go", and "save money" to the purpose, most individuals will choose up appear residence appliance and bicycles, "his individual use, to not create income from". As reported within your "picking up litter money" in the chinese language program people, largely also merely on account of Japan in latest years, the financial economic a depressive disorder compared to Japanese work tougher to uncover possibilities for life, they are forced to, necessity. 


Time like sand

Time marches on sand, only through your fingers. A day of slide, piles. Through the years gap, looking back, looked faintly visible presence, NiaoRao hongxia, rolled. The mountain peaks, green jade bird huan to sound.
I cannot see the residual you hatred of the west; Hear news of the crane crime moan. See that pieces of yellow leaves, like a butterfly, mountain forest, feeling aimless dance to change. Thick buried the winter cold; Buried the autumn away sad.
3 the life, will this golden memories of woods, translate for star. Set in the far eastern, flashing my ordinary and happy time. Whenever the lonely night comes, I will looked up at the sky, counting those in my life to every single brilliant bright star. Because they recording my life, bright the ups and downs of my life. They in the darkness with I rejoice with my sorrow. Together with experience pursuit, is happy and harmonious!
Fireflies fly, time like sand. Young life be life experiences of mature and open-minded.
In the years ahead, in quicksand FangHua gradually die day, I learn to calmly with everything. I learn to like that one snow lotus, the proud snow warm smile open; I learn to like the autumn light chrysanthemum flowers, in the fall season, while sitting in the epicenter, laugh at the end of years vicissitudes view; Static reward, and the lower sunsets sunset. I learn whether the wind assault rain erosion, extremely hot or cold weather, I will try my best to the frost white day apply colours to a drawing. With the colors of the life deck, deck of the future life scenery!
Time like sand. Such as sand in the passing of time, a stack in my memory river, filled with my life. Turbulent river carrying years sand blown by wind; Carrying the pains of life, loaded with songs ding-dong forward. The nicety of life such as the bouncing the melody, the ups and downs, pure and sweet music echoes of life I love. My life so become no longer goes numerous and lack.
The day of sound and color, such as through quicksand. Sweet memories make me forget the autumn wind rustling; Forget the dead branches of * *. Buried deep in the heart bottom of that desire, carrying the ground always, silently with the power of the savings upward. Waiting for the spring that cry; Wait for from the heart of that brilliant......
You by, as night fell, yuet for washing. I listened to the sound of Warsaw through, let fly thoughts...
In one thousand, the barrier across which I picked up the dream, dip in the moonlight pressed the drape of years. The distance, a breeze stroke, the stroke rang the strings of dusty, empty spirit, the jingmei music, cut the stillness of night, full of tender feelings, like water, the ripples spread heart going on...... A mind at ease, calm. All sadness, vanish in calm water state of mind in...
Time like sand, moonlight diffused. Not a soul the guilty. The nightingale began to use the euphemistic song, comfort those who stray mind, * * are forgotten the pain. She wanted to use gently beautiful song sensei dormant and soul; Wake up those left out the truth!
Time like sand, moonlight such as China. As China as the human world of moonlight polyester desolate, and also make such as sand years uh guano yi yi, spotlessly white. The depths of the time, the soul of the awakening, like the moons. A quiet, gentle, * * common, in the long long night of his life, silently, and the glory of the dispersion...... Silently to people confided regretless life......
Time like sand. The quick BaiJu stepped over the pingsha, fall, splashing hoof to living the flowers blossoming, clean, mo xiang in the long hold. This thick calligraphy scent, the frost white years infiltration, more make the life of the quiet and beautiful, yuet pleasant.
And look at the yuet silver, and in the years ZhaoYing fai quicksand, the phantom dance, the wind chill.
I liked this much, rolled up deep and remote shade, overlooking the fence. Empty old trees, the pine is still green, HuaTuan still jin cluster. Curl smoke, the Vatican in sound pleasant, roses. By the time the carved life more, the desire to break YiChuChu mt, finally ushered in the life spring......
Heart, a brilliant!!!!!
Life, a piece of clean China!!!!!
Years, like quicksand......

Pain to the extreme, and lost himself

A 】
Armed with bronze mirror, peep a wisp of purple smoke, dust, shedding flowers
Winding finger tip, through memory, vaguely remember,
Purple rose had a knock at the door, KongShan, echoing the owner has to go to shake.
【 2 】
Old bark out new bud, bamboo, jointing stage
The plum flower will fade, and the turning of the seasons,
The noble soul, can't open in the middle of the sound.
Rose face from a parrot and SOB lowly,
Past lives in this life, balderdash package, mail out tears.
Three 】 【
Baiyun love dearly, YuSha of sorrow, and rolled over all the eyes,
Open up the sign language, raised a rolling thunder,
High tide burst, original, slept a few winter, will wake up several spring.
Burning life, white clouds into autumn frost, disorderly the logic.
Four 】 【
The heart of lost season, only remember the arc of the arc of birds in the sky, overlap too cold straight lines,
Stand in the Angle of view of the notes, heart has been deeply throb,
Fresh blood, the dream is in singing, the heart no longer bitter, brush smooth into mountain spring,
Be warm wake up, a few of the frozen winter mountains.
Five 】 【
Originally, happy so simple, why have long days but the pain?
Meditation, prayer, let a hair cut my hair had escaped the razor, don't, let the heart free in the outside world,
Vacuum mind, oxygen, and the moon will suffocate will the internal organs.
Six 】 【
Flowers bloom in the society, laugh, the sun, the earth to shine into the soil, warm
But people, sharp scraper, also do not open the thread of the secret profile,
Tired eyes burnout to heel, from be aphasia, taste bud wrong,
The world, some chaos, a yellow eyes.
Seven 】 【
Years taught, weep and rely on words in the shoulders, sleep,
Love dearly, lay in the clouds, listen to the sound of season, see the appearance of unreal,
This life to become a big tree, be sure to caress a white dove,
Sunshine, not cost, that time always fingertips, smooth.
Eight 】 【
Learn the precipitation, these birds, and in the middle of the wings,
But beat out the clear water flush and water mirror reflects a raging,
Beetles ripple, rolled a pink petals,
And the years clips, is still a SOB, overlap of the process.
Nine 】 【
Who also don't want to, the swaying hair, penetration of variation breath.
But, hold, why it was broken up the meaning of the drop of blood? Rose by red turned white,
Years, into the dust, flowers faded light air in days, floating piles of pale.
Ten 】 【
Eyes hurt, thinking of the coordinates of the pressure was safe, text's efforts,
Goodness, has already deeply sharp bayonet,
Will the heart in two, and half of the faith, the sun is landing, the clouds
But half in blade's edge prostrate, inch black * * heartbroken.
11 】 【
Just want to the world, dust, a history, written
During the angel, the devil into the ghosts approximate vega,
The words of the bells, shaking spinning wheel in the magpie, grafting lichen,
For years, a man waiting,
To write a pain, lonesome heart will be lonely empty.
Twelve 】 【
Day, there will be a mirage, the clouds scud across,
Bright beautiful, is holding the moon, but their hearts are like an empty glass
Hear, the heart of the moon, the goddess of the grey of the dead.
13 】 【
The heart has the ladders, dreams have wings, iceberg will melt,
Text eyelash, why wet water leak? Originally,
Heart, painful acme, the lacrimal is lost.
14 】 【
Buddha said, such as former five hundred years, this life in one thousand, to pain
DouChan, wind's wedding clothes without maple red, the body of water only the bare bone, stone
Love is a luxury, with perhaps through unscathed, the world of mortals of thorns,
May be, half awake, half confused.
15 】 【
The soul of the original awake, can let a person pain to the extreme,
Lost mental, physical, also lost
No wonder, no one can understand the hedgehog defense, yuanyang just informed for what.


As elegant, quietly elegant house full

The years trace overlap in life track, that with a coquettish blood and dim >!!!!! Walking in the cycle of life, is who, in the far distance nasty call? And who, give you bring fragrance house full of warm papa?
Someone says: the text is the most attractive in the world the most beautiful things, because it is the history of carrying on the root, is the source of the culture. For thousands of years of culture in the long river, the ancestors of human beings use it the first record of civilization. And books, it is the text, is the collection of inherited essence, is the crystallization of the culture.
A great poet SuShiCeng sets a "vigorous general all over the world, all men to read the word book" grandiloquence, the revolutionary first sun yat-sen also has "for the study of" the rise of the noble beliefs!!!!! And we, as a new generation of college students, is also should have a little to learn from them spirit?
Once upon a time, reading in our eyes start to become pain, to study here, in order to exam, to the test and was reading! This test was carried the expectations and pressure and the university keep anyway. A person, look at those piles of material and textbooks, the heart be complex and dead! Most of the time, those who feel untold filled with our heart, want to smile, is cold! First tears
However, after a long trip, place oneself in the college but we want to thank that time, it is what makes us more and more strong. When many students carry travelling bag, dusty hike the usual, with joy of the heart is!!!!! We began to understand that their "read book," the truth view line.
Immersed in a library, fingers I touch that the book, suddenly tears! Originally, we are not hate books, just because love too, just more feel hard to accept! With open a book, tangy mo xiang let people longing!!!!! Like the spring is in the air, with strong scent!!!!! Between the lines, zhao significant unique charm!
"Red chamber" sad sad tragedy, is like a mournful song, sing a lonely time!!!!! "The historical records" blood, zhao significant traces the history of humiliation and cruelty of reality! ChangTing miles, have CuiYingYing tears spilled the helpless, huanghua history tragedy, have Juliet blood spattered the grave of rains and stirring!!!!!
In the passage of time, our growing! Time, elegant wind dispersed floating house full!!!!!
The old man and the sea in the struggle, still with Paul steel to fight! Heaven is a star fall season and a season, leaving thousands of daydream!!!!! But, in a certain corner of the world, someone calm at sunrise and sunset, look at the full moon, counting the eclipse of the time, and in the mysteries of the universe, they or salad, or gray hairs, constant, but still within the heart of knowledge!!!!!
"With a book, we go to roaming with a knife!!!!!!!!!!", we go to HangXiaZhangYi Sometimes, the dream really like this innocent and simple, we seek and the first good, to drift away!!!!! The youth, together we ran to the unknown dream, by chance, but found that in addition to turn around that book nothing at all! Helpless smile, back spin in the setting sun!!!!!
Bright sky, a book fell from the sky, became countless bright flowers open!!!!!

Busy fall, and write down iii as a time

Deciduous trees, flowers, from.
Time is like a blank sheet of paper, write down I gathered at the waiting for nothing but is fallout of yellow.
The birds, fall wild goose, solitary crow.
Remember from the sky in summer of that group of geese empty sound? Whether had also yearning fly?
Youth is its leaves, I use favorite laptops will be collection, but it is in casual forget to open it and think watching, has broken down, leaving only yellow light green printed on paper.
Time is dead, I try to you, for you of day and night, you did not fertigation into thrive has died in the evening sun, under disappointed. I get my
Love is a flower, I met you from that moment, I already know you is I'm going to be looking for, but forgot you fragrant short after flowering of buried ever.
Dream is, always think that the sky is birds peace, as long as all growth will have, but I don't know of the care and lost wings of how enemy the cold of winter.
Ideal is the wild goose down, has been carried, fly head further south north, but don't know direction in virtually transformed into simple articles of survival instinct, after all the direction of destiny driven.
Old age is solitary crow, the sunset, alone comb becomes scarce feathers, fantasy can one day volant hover, again will fantasy forever can a fantasy.
Leaves fall, or fruit fly.
The disconsolate, youth unforgettable.
The birds empty Ming, fall wild goose solitary crow.
Busy fall, but I can only ACTS as a time. Write down iii


The runway the life

In this world, can say most people go in quiet came to this world, and the last to leave the world the ordinary. Come to the people in the world, most will want to do a remarkable person is a person, to the end of the life, but only a few people in this world had not ordinary life.
Life why should that be? Most people is not the same as the starting point, the start of life are not the same, will not lose. Lose in life's starting point is not terrible, terrible is lost in the life the runway. Long life is like a long runway, life is long, life is long, life as long as the runway to the end, and life without the runway is not to the end. No matter you are 18 years old or forty years old or 60 years old, when you realise that the from already lost in the life the starting line, 10 million don't complain, and never give up from already the dream of youth, in the life of the runway and a lot of chances, intentional aspiring will youdao. We don't have a good grasp of his own, then we have to start the efforts on the runway come on! Believe in yourself!
Gracefully.i don, in limited in this life, we also don't give the limited time, effort! Come on! People go where, which is the starting point, the irrelevant years! Believe yourself,

Life is the second step

College life is coming to an end, that means we will be faced with our new life, a new beginning, is going to leave but a little bit, but not give time to a total want to leave, because the world has not dispersed table,
Many said into the university is into a well-off life, is also laying the foundation for the future, paved the way. That's right. But road or must depend on oneself go, to leave feel very empty, or shine, blind. At a loss. But this is everybody always want to deal with. People don't always possible to stay the same,
Here is the education, cultivate my place, here, to me all idealds are emotional, here give a lot, a lot of, as the church: be the truth, taught me the ability to survive, skills, technology, and so on, a lot of, have me here about, recalling all,
University years I've lived through a lot, also let me grow up a lot of. Such as the first school in love: just the I my feelings is blank, but since it, I know he's life is different, that we good happiness, many people admire, but by the time for a long time, because of the different factors and we in separate, from now on I will put the feelings are very weak, in the intervening years, a lot of boys to pursue my, were rejected in mind the door, I
Next: in making friends, I learned the lessons of the past, to learn of the past experience, there are two, into the first is: companionship. The second is: loss of friends and friends, no matter who is in to help you, and not your collar, loss of bad friend is you take a bad road, use your purpose, have come to you, so for making friends I have their own ideas.
Once again: there with all the people, of course, everyone has his own ideas, ideas. Wait, I know where the world with the, good and evil, beauty and ugliness, not anyone can do it well. Some of the things that the world, by seeing things, light, understanding, do not understand, in short to protect yourself,
Soon the society, looking for a job out of the difficulty, I became the biggest because the financial crisis, so many people can not find work, became nothing in things, actually otherwise, to find what kind of work for yourself, whether oneself can be competent, became no experience of my biggest enemy, is also the biggest enemy to win the opponent,
Soon I face a new life, a new starting point, I will take the next step in the life, but this step 2 became my biggest challenge. For my new life applause, come on.


You silly, but mistake you life

A woman, family is very happy, not only the life rich, sir is also very love her.
One day, she met a young man, the young man's sweet words make her move, two people happen not to normal feelings.
Then young man said to her: "secretly not freedom, we just leave home, to the new world to establish our house." Women think it sounds very reasonable.
While sir go out, took home the most valuable property, all to the port and the young man came up to meet them.
Young people say: "you first things to me, and I in you and come back to the other side, or caught is unimaginable."
Women also think right, all treasure up to him, stay in wait for at first.
Unexpectedly, a day, two days, three days passed, and young people that never came back.
She was hungry and cold, but can't go back, it all but.
Suddenly, she saw a German shepherd got a bird from the front of her run past, the bird is still in struggling.
German shepherd ran to the water, saw in the water of a fish, birds, fish to bite down; Results the fish swam away, birds fly away.
Women see, cannotted help but smile to say: "this only German shepherd true silly, has a such a good bird, incredibly give up and go to bite the fish, birds and fish are not, are fools!"
German shepherd turn head to say: "I silly, just let me get a good hungry; you foolish, but missed you life!"
At this time the female talent of ignorance rude awakening, regret to say: "I actually to that kind of person, give up love my sir and stable family, destroyed whole life happiness, this is all on greed!!!!!"
Just always want the heart, although have short happy, will ultimately hurt yourself.
Daily life hard to avoid can meet some state and move, but best to mention is read, ability won't dissolve lust for bring endless troubles lost and torture.

Don't fall, you have no right!!!!!

Is often lost, is learned to decadent, is no lack of fitness goals, warn you, don't fall, you have no right!!!!!
You are born not a big, not the life of the prince and princess don't learn only the prince and princess to the diseases of time, money, the family has to look at the sky, to depression stray, you have no, you have to struggle, you were born with the family, the burden of life!!!!! Don't put the time is wasted in blame, complaints, no one I'm sorry you; Don't see myself with the story of male leading like, somebody else's natural beauty, human nature, and good, you, you can give to their own advantage is the ability, however, if you blindly decadent, even the last chance will become a waste, nothing lost!!!!!
No matter you are enveloped in the shadow of the college students, disappointment or very frustrated worker, you have to find the confidence, and then go to effort. Otherwise, it will accept your fate, lifetime empty-headed, not as, don't blame others despise you, look down on you because you ask for it!
So, since today or effort chasing the dream, or do the others at the soles of its feet, but so then, mud, 10 million don't fall, you have no right!!!!! You need to see, your failure because no bole or what you not their ability!
The best way to love oneself is hard work to excellent up, if you dispirited, don't worry no friends, find true love, because even you yourself are don't love their desire to others, love you? You ask, what is there worth love, you deserve? Often a man care about is not money, but a struggle of heart!
Awake! Don't fall!
Sad, don't tell others, they never could understand in your shoes feel.
Sad, quiet squat down down hold yourself, let the tears heartily of on.
Sad, take a mirror to see at the moment of yourself, let real emerge eyes.
Sad, silently hide yourself up, let to cover it all empty.
Sorry, my eyes closed, listen to the voices around, immerse yourself in tumult.
Sorry, you don't have to tell others, his grief why others also bear?
Sorry, can pretend to be happy, together with others can forgotten when excited.
The sad, sad, who still comfort other you will find yourself on the benefit, lookers-on just.
Sad, listen to music, let music put it away.
Is there anyone who hasn't sad,
Who would remember,
The past is no longer heavy,
Why go to bitter want to?
Elisabeth vogler sadness with a smile!!!!!