NCAAB basketball picks - big favourites

It's pretty widespread awareness that public tend to overrate favorites. Still now and then in NCAAB, this bets are paying if or had learned what to look for.

Actually, each team, regardless if home, away, underdog or favorite, could be rewarding in certain cases, so do not set your limits low - an edge exists for any of these cases.

I will look at those teams which ought to achieve victory, those double digit favorites.

Though barely 49,3% win against the spread, now and then they are undervalued, for example if they dropped their previous game and were favourite in that game. In this situation they are 50,5% against the spread. This comes from that loss, and one feel comfortable to wager on, for instance, 15 point underdog than a 5 point dog, since one starts match with big odds, although you put money on bad team.

If that big favorite furthermore did not win previous matchup with its current opposition, we get a small odds movement toward that team which gives us 52,3% against the spread for us. This percentage is exactly on the outskirts of profit,so we will need at least one more factor to implement to get moneymaking system. For example it can be that our team, furthermore comes from BB losses, and therefore its form is looking bad.

This system will get that team circa 1,5 point edge on average or 56,5% vs the line. Take care though, do not anticipate that you will find a number of 10+ favorites losing 2 straight games. All the same it is moneymaking edge which is going to help you get solid plays. Still do not forget you should take into consideration other influences which our system consider. Important factors ,for example, injuries, exhaustion or odds movements will influence the result of each match.

The bottom line is: do not bet carelessly any edge, it can lead to poor house. One must examine in details the matches for which the system says you should have some advantage. And then determine is it wise to wager your hard earned money on that double digit fav team.

Pro football handicapping – revenge – do or die

I know you heard about revenge in many places in betting on sports, although does revenge, when it comes down to NFL picks, have anything to do with winning by making right football picks?

Well, it does sometimes, sometimes it doesn't, just like with any other sport.

When researching this trends, i get it done starting with all applicable games.

Making an examination at last twenty seasons at teams which lost in their last encounter with their opposition and were favorites in that last game, You will find out that there's no actual edge for teams that are on revenge. This is true in both situations whether last matchup was played in current or one of previous seasons.

However lets have a look what goes on if this game should be be referred to as "dog revenge" i.e. if team failed to win that last matchup as a dog. It seems that dogs get small edge. (51.7% win against the spread). This is a stunner, don't you think?

If we go on in our quest for favourable NFL picks, and take a look at teams which are on a double "dog revenge" i.e. they lost last 2 matchups vs. their opposition as a dog, we come to a profitable information: in 53.7% cases, its gonna be worthwhile to bet on that team. You must admit this is even more stunning!

You might ask why doesn't it work out like in some of other sports, when losing favourites get extra boost in following game? Simply said: cause teams have small amount of games. And they don't get excited and fired up for a revenge cause so much time has passed.

And why do former dogs get so fired about a rematch? The truth is they truly aren't all that excited to get revenge. Because my observances are made looking at a closing line odds, the only explanation is: line move. Required line movement is just 1 point to get us this sort of gain. It is very expected because casual handicappers put importance on past encounters.

This plain pro football system will give you 50-60 plays every year and one must have a good argument to go against it.


Finding the Right Jump Program - Following these Easy Tips Will Get You the Jump Program that's Right for You

The 1st query in any sportsman's mind is going to be, "Can such a program work for me?" unfortunately, most programs don't work, and this fact not only leads to lost time and cash - it could also create a position where a sports figure is risking injury.

There are numerous considerations when assessing jump programs, and by gaining a larger appreciation of the lacks of the bulk of the info available, it gets less difficult to find the right program to help someone realize their goals. Other times, a jump program is formed as part of a promoting program where the true goal is to earn income. In all cases, it's important for a sports figure to conscientiously research many jump programs to find a bonafide one. The main reason for that is that an inferior program isn't total when teaching a sports figure the easy way to actualize a diversified coaching regimen.

This is urgent, as it is not productive to basically target 1 or 2 systems when there are no less than 9 variables concerned in effective vertical jump coaching. Working on one's explosion is just one facet of improving jumping capability, but many programs will act like this one element is the "Holy-Grail" of a jump program.

Training and coaching are vital components of any athletic coaching program, as it is imperative for an athlete to not only receive feedback, but also to be certain that they're following the steps correctly and safely. Almost all of the jump programs available leave an athlete on their own when it comes to support. It is impractical to believe that an individual will experience dramatic results threw just the reading of a book or article.

It takes much more than this to get to the goals set out. Even if supplied with all of the best info on the easiest way to improve one's vertical jumping capabilities, failure is inevitable if a sports figure doesn't take controlled and dedicated approach to their coaching. The private attributes that are required to achieve success at any kind of coaching has to come from inside, and there isn't any jump program in the world that can do the work for an individual. A good program is a starting place, but there are more mandatory tools that has to be exploited if a sportsman is going to get the most out of their efforts.

There's no use investing money and time into a jump program if somebody isn't going to show the work-ethic and commitment needed. Along the same lines as correct discipline, a particular diet program have to be used together with correct coaching if you're going to reach their potential. Finding a jump program that gives a reasonable diet plan is imperative in permitting muscles to get the fuel they need to be as strong and efficient as possible. Jump programs aren't solely to be thought of as being advantageous to those wanting to boost at basketball, football, or any sports that requires a good vertical jump.

There isn't any other program that accounts for the genuine formula required for improving one's vertical like The Jump Manual. Don't depend on writers to do a coach's job - instead enroll the help of pro sports trainers who take pleasure in what they do.


I want to play college football - Getting recruited for football

The recruiting process can be a confusing thing to a young student athlete who doesn't know anyone who's gone through it before. If you are feeling totally lost like I was in high school, here are 3 simple steps to get your recruiting journey on its way.

Step One-

Where do you want to play? Everyone has their dream program where they've wanted to play ever since they started playing football. But you've got to leave yourself open to other options because life doesn't always work out the way you planned. Make a list of the top five schools you want to play for (for most people these are the big name Division 1 schools). Then make a list of about ten to fifteen other schools that may not be your all time favorite but that you would like to play for. Then pick around twenty to twenty five programs that are schools where you would like to play for because of varied reasons like their geographic location or maybe have an education program that you are interested in i.e. you want to be a writer and they have an excellent journalism school. Don't just limit yourself to Division 1 schools either. Of course they are going to be on the top of your list but you should also include Division IAA schools, Division II and III as well as Junior Colleges and NIAA's. To increase your odds you should be contacting anywhere from close to 50-100 coaches.

Step Two-

Write your Educational and Athletic Cover Letter and post it. This is usually a document that is no longer than one page with all of your important school and football information on it. You'll have things like your name and contact information, GPA, Class Rank, as well as your ACT and SAT scores if you have taken them at that point, and any extracurricular activities. You will also have things like your height, weight, position, maybe any accurate combine numbers, your statistics by year and any honors you have received like All Conference. Also include references like your high school coaches phone and e-mail number. This should be brief and to the point. If you think some information is not important, then don't include it, because coaches see tons of these things all the time and only look for certain things. Now start posting this on online recruiting sites, as well as mailing or e-mailing it to coaches. Do not mass email your Cover Letter to coaches without first taking the time to personalize it, like putting Dear, (Coaches Name), and writing a few lines about why you want to play for their program. If you don't do this it makes you look lazy. If you don't take the time to personalize it, the coach probably won't take the time to look at it. If you need more help you can always Google search "Athletic Cover letter" or "Athletic Resume".

Step Three-

Create a Highlight video. Back when was in high school (wow that makes me feel old) most of the games were filmed on VHS and you had to get two VCR's to edit your highlight tape. Now it is much easier to upload your video to a computer edit it and then post it online, so a coach can watch it over the internet. This makes things a lot cheaper. Coaches usually want to see a highlight tape and then a film of a full game if they are interested in you. When it comes to your highlight tape, don't worry about cool effects or good music. The coach will most likely just mute the video and you don't want silly effects distracting from what's really important, you making plays. On your highlight tape try and put all your better plays towards the front because coaches don't have much time to be watching your video all day. When you send your video to the coach make sure you also attach your Cover Letter.


First Time Playing Paintball

People often anticipate and fear the first time they play paintball. Questions that typically come to mind are, "Does it hurt?" and "Is it dangerous?" The truth is, paintball is a fun game for most people who don't mind a little minor pain here and there.

To begin, players are going to need paintball markers to shoot paintballs, goggles, a face mask, knee pads, elbow pads, and a cricket box if the player is a male. Goggles should not be removed. This is to prevent damage to the eye while players are firing in the person’s direction.

Since there is some pain associated with being hit on bare skin, it's best to cover up as much exposed skin with clothing as possible to lessen the pain. The heavier the clothes, the less soreness. This game is very safe, as long as players provide proper protection to their eyes, mouth and ears. Teeth can be chipped and eardrums can be ruptured without taking necessary precautions. Markers should be kept around 280 feet per second (FPS), plus or minus 15 FPS.

As for the stings, most of the time they last for only a minute, and sometimes the pain isn't there at all. Paint that hits exposed skin hurts much more than contact with layers of clothing. If a close range shot hits a player, it will likely sting as well as bruise. The closer the shot, the more pain. The paint will wash out of clothes, but it may cause some tearing and ripping. It's best for the player to wear clothes he or she can easily do without for everyday school or work activities.

The breakage of skin and some bleeding may be caused by paintballs shot at close range, but typically, these minor injuries are nothing to fuss over. Bruises or welts caused by shots typically go away in less than a week.

Other players will often target others known to be new to the game. Often, people that are new can be easily identified by them standing around and just shooting. When a player is known to be new, many may swarm to his or her spot and begin to shoot. One hit may only sting, but many shots at once hurts, especially if those shots are at close range.

It's best for people to approach the game of paintball with strategy. Playing with a teammate and staying concealed is the best way to be victorious. New participants may not understand the game at first, but as they get better, they usually come to love this excellent sport.

Paintball Is More Popular Than Ever

Paintball has been one of the most exciting and adrenaline pumping sports of modern day. Invented 30 years ago for use in military exercises and training, the game would slowly move to the private sector where it was then played residentially by a number of weekend warriors.

By the early 1990s, the game had become a national sensation where leagues, tournaments, and eventually champions were born. There are a few different types of play that people enjoy. There is the traditional open-air environment where Capture the Flag is the most enjoyed game, and there are warehouse games, or speedball play, where players use barriers and rapid-fire techniques. Equipment has also came a long way from simple pistol grip single-shot guns to automatic rifles and even special paintball pants instead of sweats.

Open Air Play For many, open air play is the only way to play the game. Open air play consists of a large field where there have been artificial barriers erected as well as many natural barriers and hiding places. Open air play is usually a flagged, wooded area where anything within that field is fair game. The game most often played on these fields is some version of Capture the Flag. Capture the flag is where players are divided into two teams. Each team has a flag placed within their side of the field, usually somewhere in the rear. Once game play begins, the two teams attempt to capture each others' flag without being shot.

Warehouse Play Warehouse play is slightly different than open air play. Warehouse play usually involves a warehouse converted into a paintball field, simulating close combat. Players do not hunt one another as in open air play but mainly stay in a strategic position in an attempt to hit other players. This type of game play incorporates rapid fire techniques, which is when a player uses both the middle-finger and index finger to pull the tripper in rapid succession. Players may use over 100 paintballs in one game.

Tools of the Trade Equipment has undergone many transformations over the last few years. There are guns that are fully automatic. There are even paintball grenades, which are paint filled plastics that explode in a large radius. For those that don't like getting their clothes covered in paint, there are paintball pants, paintball jerseys, and even paintball helmets that can be purchased. There are even different types of paintballs such as high velocity and increased accuracy paintballs. One can find used equipment on many classified internet trading websites as well as their local paintball field.


Athletes World Records Electrolytes,Hydration,& Performance

Kick It Into High Gear!

Electrolytes, Hydration, & Performance. When your body is working at high performance levels, body temperature is raised, increasing sweat production and the need for re-hydration, as well as electrolyte replacement. The rise in body temperature is caused by a few different factors: muscles are working at peak performance to enhance athletic ability, and they are producing energy in the form of heat, which raises the core body temperature. Also contributing to this rise in temperature is the increased blood flow, which is a result of the sweating process as your body tries to cool the skin.
As sweat output increases, water input isn’t generally maintained to the proper equilibrium needed to keep you body at a stable hydration, therefore causing dehydration. This can lead to decreased daily athletic ability and an increased risk of injury, as well as unnecessary fatigue and exhaustion.

Because these factors cause your body to be at high risk of dehydration during athletic performance, re-hydration play a major role in maintaining a healthy athletic regimen. Some athletes may believe that water is sufficient for hydration, and although water intake is very important, water alone cannot replace the minerals lost during exercise and sweating. This is because sweat contains vital minerals and nutrients know as electrolytes.

Electrolytes are essential to all higher life forms and are a composition of sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, chloride and phosphate. A excellent quality sports drink will contain all six. Beware of those that short-change you in the electrolytes. Without electrolyte replacement, over-hydration or hyponatremia (a condition which can lead to nausea, vomiting, headache, and in extreme cases, coma) can occur. Adequate electrolyte supplies also help stimulate the thirst mechanism which lags behind the need. It also helps reduce post-workout soreness and helps prevent muscle cramps. Beware of sports drinks that tout themselves as "sodium free". "Low sodium" is a sales pitch for foods, but for a sports drink, it is most inappropriate. You need about 100 mg of sodium to adequately absorb the water for proper hydration.

But now, to energy replacement. The last thing an athlete needs to run out of is energy. Energy means blood glucose which goes into the muscle to form muscle glycogen to power the muscle. You can maintain a proper supply by consuming about 25 grams of carbohydrate every half hour as you exercise. Most sport drinks tend to be too low in carbohydrates, about 3.9%. Research shows 25 grams of carbohydrate or 11% to be optimal for energy replacement.

The Shaklee Corporation consistently takes a different approach. The difference is that they developed a product called Performance, based on solid research and then proved that the product works. The most amazing development and test of a sports drink was the Daedalus Project. A human powered airplane called the Daedalus was to be powered 74 miles across the Aegean sea. This meant 74 miles of a man pushing bicycle type pedals to keep a propeller going and the plane aloft.

This is a phenomenal endurance test. The energy output is equal to running three marathons back to back. Performance is a patented carbohydrate delivery system called "Opticarb".

The flight took place April 23, 1988. After four hours and 74 miles later, the flight ended successfully. The pilot was monitored during and after the flight. Now read this carefully.

His heart rate never exceeded 142

At no time during the flight did he experience any significant fatigue.

This is important: his blood glucose stayed constant.

He drank nearly four quarts of fluid.

Body weight loss was minimal showing he was well hydrated.
(They predicted an eight pound weight loss.)

His electrolytes remained in a normal range.

The ONLY source of fluid, electrolyte, and energy replacement was Performance by the Shaklee Corporation. That was 1988; the formula has not been changed because it is still on the cutting edge of nutritional research, and Shaklee has the proof to back it up.

Proper fluid replacement can enhance and improve the performance of any athlete. Anytime you are doing anything physical (athletics, yard work, your job) and perspiring 30 minutes or more, choose Performance. (See links below article for more info, pictures and more.

Poontoon Boats and Hurricanes

Small pontoon boats and other boating vessels are particularly vulnerable to storms, hurricanes in particular. When a hurricane is bearing down on your area, it can be frightening for lots of reasons. As we're going through our preparations, there's a long list of things to check off, and it can be easy to forget some of the little things. But one thing that shouldn't be forgotten is to prepare your boat. It's dangerous to assume that your boat will be safe because it is a natural floating device, but it doesn't take much to unleash a boat from a dock and send it out into the water, after which you may never see it again.

Your boat is a big investment, so if you have time, make sure it's ready. And even if there isn't a hurricane on the horizon, if you live in a hurricane-prone area it can't hurt to put some of these measures in place at all times.

What to do before the storm comes

If you want to be safe from a hurricane, here are some steps to take on the boat:

· Check all of the boat's windows, ports, doors, and hatches to ensure that they are completely watertight. To be safe, you might want to use some duct tape to seal them up.

· If you have hurricane insurance, take pictures of everything that you have on the boat, including all furniture, gear, and equipment.

· Make sure the boat's fuel and water tanks are full and that any batteries are charged.

· Keep all of your insurance and boat registration documents in a safe location where they won't be damaged.

· Make sure everything on the boat is tied down or securely stored away.

And if your boat is too large to be trailered and taken away from the dock, here are some steps you can take dockside to make sure your boat is safe:

· Double up all ropes and lines attaching the boat to the dock.

· Make sure all the lines are tied high up on the pilings. This will protect the connection from storm surges.

· If there are strong trees or other nearby fixtures that are very secure, consider using extra lines to tie the boat to these.

· Cooperate with others on the dock for additional solutions that benefit everyone.

· If the hurricane is bearing down and your boat is secure, be a good neighbor and help others on the dock.

Trailered boats

Of course, if your boat is easy to trailer, the best idea is to take it out of the water and secure it safely in a warehouse or garage. However, if you must store it outside, here are some tips to keep in mind:

· Keep the boat somewhere where it will be protected from flying debris and falling branches.

· Deflate the trailer tires and add as much secure weight to the boat as you can.

· Secure the boat to nearby fixtures, especially secure buildings and large trees. If possible, lash the boat on all four corners.

And those are just a few ways to protect your pontoon boat and other sea faring vessels.


Cricket Rules & Regulations

Cricket was brought by the British.The beginning of cricket are very indistinguishable, and many theories have been put onward suggesting its beginning. Cricket was first start by England. in the 16th century. At the end of the 18th century, it is the national sport of England. To play this game there are some rules and regulations have been developed to it. This game managed by the umpire which the main module of this game. Cricket rules are applied on 2 individual teams to play perfect. Every player follows these rules. Cricket is the most popular game, and played in a big ground, having a oval-shaped field. There are some tools are used to play this sports game that is:- bat, ball, and gloves, pitch, wickets, Bowling, popping, and return creases, Covering the pitch. To play a match there are two teams, each team consisting of a maximum of 11 players to play in ground, compete in one or two innings depending on the time and agreement of the team. An inning will be distinct as both batting and fielding for each playing team. One team goes to the batting side and the other team goes to fielding sides. Two batsmen take the field at one time, one man at each wicket, which are 23 yards apart During an inning, there is 6 balls in 1 over & 6 balls will be bowled to one wicket, and then the fielding team will bowl six balls to the batsman who playing to save his own wicket and increase the score board. Batsmen are members of the cricket team responsible for scoring a run during a game. The fielding team may change bowlers at the end of overs according to the need. There is the main member in the cricket is umpire, whose tasked to maintain the game, are the ones to declare if there is an out or a runout. Another function of the umpire is that he can decide when the game will start and when match will stop A batting team may freely end their batting inning at the end of any over. Either team may request that a game can be stop due to light or weather or other special circumstances. The request will be measured by the umpire or decided by Rock-Scissors-Paper Democracy. The team with the most runs at the end wins. An umpire makes the decisions during the course of the game. If an umpire is not available, decisions once again will be made by using Rock-Scissors-Paper democracy.

Scoring and winning

Scoring runs :- For batting team runs are scored by batsman when the two batsmen plays in play ground ,run to each other's end of the pitch. Batsman can make several runs one ball

Boundaries :- Boundary is the line where the ball once touched then batting team will get four runs. if bowler make a wide ball & wicket keeper is not able to caught the ball & ball touched the line then the batting team will get 5 runs extra and that ball not count in over.

The over :- An over keeps 6 balls to bowled without wide balls & no balls. But if a bowler make these then batting team will get 1 extra runs to increase score board.

Dead ball.:- A ball becomes dead ball when all the action from that ball is over. Once the ball is dead, no runs can be scored and no batsmen can be dismissed.

More Running, More Happiness

In this chapter, I mean to talk on the psychological changes caused by running. After runners' jogging, I require to think about their mood on the base of their reports. Second, we will observe how the psychological phenomenon affects the life.
While people talked with me, most of them told me that their psychology benefits a lot from running. I am not shocked at it, because I am the person who gets benefits. It is easy to illustrate some benefits to people. We will feel our brain power intensified and spirits concentrated. Your mind will get training. Through jogging, you cultivated your absorption and resolution from a set of barriers. After experiencing the long-distance race, you will discover that strong will power was produced in the process. It can strengthen the teamwork spirit. This point surprises us a lot. Since running is the solo-activity, we can not gain teamwork from running. However, jogging involves mutual cooperation as a matter of fact. It demands terrific awareness of teamwork for travel jogging, especially in the poor situation. You may not observe these advantages every day or after once running, but they actually exist. Our daily words are not used to describe these phenomena, so other profits also can not be described. It is important for running to have persistence, explosive strength and ability of suffering pains. These all have a slim power to influence on the life.
Once people talk with me, they use magnificent words and even poetic words to describe these phenomena. Therefore, smartness is not the reason that they have advantage in clarifying their thoughts. As long as the topic turns to the running spirit, they manifest their outstanding eloquence. Running can relieve ourselves and alleviate pressure. Running turns our attention to the landscape, so it is easy to banish our depression. If you are in the trouble, then running is suitable for you. Running can cultivate the persistent, increase the patience, improve the sensitivity and accumulate the ability to adapt the environment. People who do sports for a long time have three advantages in the work. They are fast speed, high potential and recovery. Besides jogging, can you think the better plan to sort out your mind and slow down the nervous.
Take Nancy for example, she was a little editor of one weekly magazine when I talked with her. Later she left that company and went to another company. In this way, she could run several times per week and many miles in total. She said that she felt the controlling of life through running. It is good feeling to do thing depending on her not others. She said, I love running, because there are obvious beginning and ending. I might set a goal and achieve this goal. I love difficulties of running. Because you use your effort to run and you will feel wonderful after that. Running contributes to a happy feeling.
A young person has suffered asthma several years. Asthma is terrible, he said. So he determined to run. Even though he does not like to say running heal his asthma, he endured it better after joining in running. He said running is the most marvelous thing in his life.


Learning How to Play Golf

Golf is a wonderful sport for the whole family; you can all learn and progress together whilst enjoying the health benefits of an outdoor activity. Even as a beginner you can have fun; it’s really easy to play golf and is a very sociable game because everyone can participate at their own skill level. This great How to Golf guide will get you started with learning how to golf.

Being able to play a round of golf offers wonderful opportunities for a family to spend time together over a weekend, or enjoy a vacation at a golf resort. Most golf resorts have other facilities available to visitors, such as restaurants, a swimming pool, gym, spa, and child minding services. A golf resort is an excellent weekend or holiday destination in a beautiful setting, with activities and relaxation opportunities for the whole family.

Enjoying the Benefits of Golf

The golf course has evolved into an unofficial business meeting place. Great contacts are made on the course as a huge cross-section of businessmen and women play golf. Letting a prospective or current client win a game could land you your next big deal! You can sell an idea or product in this unofficial setting when clients are not on their guard, and more relaxed than they would be at a formal meeting in an office. Golf is played and enjoyed by millions of people all over the world and learning to play the game offers wonderful opportunities, both socially and business-wise.

Taking lessons from a professional is a great way to learn how to golf. However this is a very costly option. Professional golfers generally charge a few hundred dollars per hour which makes this out of the question for many people. Learning how to hit that little ball is within your grasp with the help of a golf guide, such as "How to Golf - A Beginner’s Guide to Golfing." Golf guides such as this can help golfers of all skill levels to improve their game and techniques.

How to Golf – Some Basic Rules

Golf, as with any other sport, has rules. The basic rule of golf is to sink a small ball into a small hole a few hundred yards away, using a club (which is a long stick with a large head at the end). Each hole has a par which is the pre-determined number of strokes needed in order to get the ball into the hole. The fewer the strokes the better, it you hit the ball less times than the mean you are under par, which is excellent. In golf having a negative score is better than a positive one!

Another quick tip: Always keep your eyes on the ball! This is a problem for many golfers, especially beginners. Do not look up as you hit the ball; keep your head down with your eyes on the ball. Following through with your swing is equally important, rotate your hips as you swing and your contact with the ball will be much surer, you’ll be surprised at how much further your ball travels!

You may have problems with the ball heading straight for the edge of the green instead of the hole. This problem can be easily resolved; practice your stance before you take a swing, a strong stance with a smooth movement through your swing helps keep the ball on the course and out of the rough. Check out more info and tips in your How to Golf guides!

You can improve your golf game by downloading an iPhone or iPad how to golf app. You can use the app to compare your golf score in a particular game against your target score, use the scorecard function and it will graph your progress as you improve your game.It won’t be long before you feel like a pro with your new iPhone app!

The Fundamentals of Golf Putting

Golf Putting and Body Mechanics

Developing good body mechanics is an essential part of your golf technique. Good golf body mechanics emphasises proper body movements and posture when swinging your golf club. It reduces muscle and joint stress whilst simultaneously enhancing your physical capabilities. The golf putting body mechanics are fundamentally different from those of a full golf swing. When learning how to golf, emphasis is usually placed on driving the golf ball as far down the fairway as possible even though being able to putt accurately is equally important.

The primary goal of focusing on your golf putting body mechanics is to acquire a natural body posture that allows you to strike the golf ball so that it rolls end over end. The best way of doing this is to stand astride the golf ball with your eyes directly over the ball when making your putt. By doing this you will ensure that you maintain the correct perspective of both the ball and target line.

It is an extremely important part of body mechanics that you maintain the correct posture when golf putting. Setting up and making your putts must be done in the same way every time, this cannot be stressed enough! Consistency is the key when learning how to golf.

Golf Putting – Keep Your Head Still

Whenever the body mechanics of golf putting is discussed it will inevitably lead to an analysis of head movement. Your head must never move until you have completed your stroke and followed through. Failing to maintain your head in a stable position will result in your shoulders going out of alignment. The face of your putter will not be square with the target line if your shoulders are misaligned, resulting in your golf ball straying from its course. If you struggle to keep your head still during your stroke, try to focus your attention on the grass underneath the golf ball, this will help reduce your natural instinct to follow your ball after the stroke.

Your unique golf putting style

Spending time practicing your putting when you are learning how to golf allows you to develop your own unique golf putting stroke. Explore all of your options and find out what works for you before deciding upon which style to adopt; you must be completely comfortable with your choices and then do it with flair! Don’t select a grip technique just because it was recommended in a book, the best choice for you is a style that works for you!

On a final note, when practicing your golf putting strokes it should always be conducted on a completely level green. If the surface undulates or slopes in any direction it will be extremely difficult to find the cause of the ball travelling in a wayward manner.

For a comprehensive guide on how to golf; download an iPhone or iPad app today - for everything you need to know about golf. Learn all the secrets from golf professionals on how to sink that perfect putt!

Running in a Winter Wonderland - With the Best Winter Running Socks

It seems silly to write about running in the winter when it’s almost 60, yes 60, degrees in Michigan today. Michiganders know weather is a tricky son of a gun and you really never know what to expect. It could be 60 one day and the next, we’ll have snow. It’s never too early to start getting your winter running wardrobe ready to go.

Winter running can be brutal. Some people may find solace on a treadmill in some gym, but for others, they brave the conditions and run outside no matter what.

Running in the winter can be tricky — especially when people don’t shovel their driveways. Sometimes you’re trudging through several inches of snow and each step you take into the snow makes your feet colder and colder.

So besides higher cuts and more cushioning, what should one look for in a winter sock? Well, let’s discuss!

First, let’s take a look at Drymax Cold Weather Running Sock. As you can probably assume by the name, this is a sock specially made for the cold temperatures. Drymax prides itself on being the number one sock to keep feet dry and this is especially important come winter. Wet socks are a big enemy to your feet. Moisture can pull heat away from your skin 23 times faster than air. Moisture can reduce skin temperature so rapidly that wet feet feel painfully cold and are susceptible to frostbite. With Drymax, you’ll have a dual layer moisture removal system to instantly remove the moisture from your skin. Drymax fibers have the lowest thermal conductivity of fibers used to manufacture socks. These fibers can keep feet warmer more than other fibers because they conduct less heat away from the skin.

Drymax Cold Weather Running Socks are knit with Hollow Core polyester fibers on the outside to increase overall insulation. Due to the wind chill factor, the front part of your leg tends to get the coldest, so this sock has a third layer of Drymax fiber insulation. This sock presents one of the best options for winter running due to comfort and moisture-wicking capabilities. You won’t be complaining about cold feet after your run with these socks.

SmartWool is another option to consider when the snowflakes start falling. Well-known for their skiing socks, SmartWool also offers some great socks for running. Made with Merino wool, SmartWool PhD Running Socks regulate temperature and moisture. They will help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, since their "light" models are still pretty bulky, most people do just stick to them as a winter sock. With its moisture-wicking capabilities your feet will also stay dry, meaning they stay warm too.

Along with temperature and moisture control, Merino wool also brings odor control into the mix. When the run is done and you’re transitioning from running shoes to slippers, you won’t get a whiff of something smelly.

Another winter option is to wear some kind of liner and then another pair of socks over that. Maybe grab a pair of toesock liners and then you could probably wear any other kind of running sock over it and you’ll get the warmth and performance factors you need.

Remember, just because a sock is thick, doesn’t mean it’s a good option for winter time running. Stay away from cotton at all costs and make sure you have something that will wick moisture away. In fact, you can probably get away with a lightweight sock as long as it removes moisture effectively.